Next Great Workplace

After actively participating and observing the changing dynamics of California real estate, there are certain office and mixed use project characteristics that are required to create the best work place of the future.  These  integral place-making features  or "third place and second living room ingredients" are activities, all things food, shopping, hospitality, and entertainment.  

 This new office campus is required to be responsive to the 24/7 culture of today's corporations and workforce.  Its primary design objective is to provide an ideal environment and location for corporations to retain and attract the best and brightest people. The "next great workplace" will offer a slew of onsite amenities that encourage both creativity and loyalty. The development credo for this new mix of uses is:  "less is more" (simpler, sustainable, local community, and customer driven design)

 We are in active programming and design for the next great workplace at specific sites in Southern California. 

 The driving demand factors are:

        •  New technologies have dramatically changed the way people want to work & live

        •  Major shifts in population demographics and work force  dynamics
(Gen Y's, X-ers & Baby Boomers)

•  The need for a new approach to project design , master planning, and
    commercial real estate development that truly responds to the current and future
    requirements and demands of its constituents.

 "We yearn for quality of life.  What we are looking for and have not yet found is a genuine third place (between home and work) where need, desire and people come together."

  "...towns that thrive will be differentiated by their lively neighborhoods and business districts, cultural and recreational attractions, and a stronger sense of place"

 "... let them experience and discover, create magic and energy, accentuate authenticity and uniqueness, awaken their creativity..."

 "A real estate industry in desperate need of change will require new thinking, new process models, new risk/reward models, new financing models, and new collaboration models to succeed...the future is waiting for those who can embrace and profit from change."

 "We only feel enriched if we can share our experiences with others.  We again want to be part of the community.  This new individualism revolves around togetherness."

 "The more technology we introduce to society and the more we can get done by ourselves, the greater is our need to come together."

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